Understanding Network Management

Network management are forms of computer network activities and procedures which help in the administration, operation and provisioning of networked systems. Network management has been grouped into four major branches namely; Operation, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAMP). Each and every branch has its own functions. You can read more online from this site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_management

  • Operation basically involves the keeping and monitoring of all networking systems so as to ensure that they are running perfectly. Operation also helps in detecting networking problems the moment they appear and solve them with immediate effect.
  • Administration deals with keeping track records and resources and also monitoring their assignment.
  • Maintenance is basically concerned with repairing and upgrading of any damaged or replaced system. It’s also involved in the corrective as well as preventive functions so as to ensure that the system runs better.
  • Provisioning deals with the configuring of resources in the network so as to support specific services.

Network management functions are characterized into five basic groups namely:

  1. Fault
  2. Configuration
  3. Accounting
  4. Performance
  5. Security (FCAPS)

Fault involves the detecting of any underlying problem and solving it. Configuration falls under maintenance in that it helps configure any incorrect settings in the network. Accounting is basically involved in keeping records and data. Performance helps in eliminating any problems present in the network while security is basically involved with the protecting the network from unauthorized users. Visit this website for more information.

Due to advanced technology, network management has been made easier due to the availability of software’s. These software’s increase performances, analyze the flow of traffic bandwidth, manage the IP address as well map the network topology of the network system. Visit our friends Computer Services Bakersfield for more information on network management.

Advantages of network management

Network management helps monitor each and every hardware and software. This helps in reducing the risk of unexpected damages and delays.
It’s also easy to set and adjust software and system settings for increased productivity.

Alerts can be sent in cases where an administrator accesses unauthorized files. This helps in increasing security. For more information click here.

The Benefits of Network Installations at Your Workplace

In today’s fast paced corporate world, without computers there would be no business. They are not just a helpful tool anymore – they are a necessity – and they need to be running at their optimum to guarantee that your company is operating to the best of its ability and that you are staying ahead of your competitors. With most businesses requiring large numbers of staff to have access to the same programs and information, networking is vital to the short and long-term success of any company. Below are key benefits of network installation in your organization

Resource and file sharing
It is naive to think that your business can operate efficiently without a network installed. Your team needs to be able to share information, and have access to the same company resources. With a network, this can all be achieved. Things such as hard drives, printers and scanners can all be shared, while staff members can send files and documents from one computer to another quickly and without hassle.

Single line Internet connection
Every computer in your office can be connected to the Internet through a single line. With the need for just a sole, hard-working modem as opposed to a wide range of smaller, weaker ones, you can maximize your efficiency while keeping your operating costs to a minimum.

Streamlined program operation
It doesn’t matter where a program is stored; by operating from a general network your staff can run what they need easily. This saves a large amount of installation time whenever a new piece of software is introduced into the company or an update is available.

In conclusion If you are planing to do network installation in your organization then it’s vital that you choose a professional network installation team to do the work. The best way to find one is to visit the website and get in touch with more experienced professionals who will do the work for in the best way possible.

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